Damaged Electrically Heated Floors May be Repaired


Well installed radiant heating cable in operation. Yellow/white lines are the heat image of this bath floor


For decades manufacturers have been producing radiant heating cable for home and commercial interior space heating, in ceilings and below hard flooring surfaces.  In a similar manner radiant heating cable has been applied to snow melting concrete surfaces.  These systems have been well received and utilized.

However, if a problem came about which caused the system to fail few manufacturers have developed the tools, procedures, solutions and services to aid the owner re-coup their heating assets.

 Many manufacturers will offer guidance and possibly rent limited testing equipment capability to assist you.  The damaged heating cable is buried out of site below the heated surface.  A comfortable knowledge of radiant cable electrical systems is necessary to produce successful test results.   Owner must be comfortable that testing did in fact determine the site of the required repair prior to demolition of the heated surface to access cable for repair.

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Manufacurers of products tested and successfully repaired:

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· Nu-Heat Floor Warming System

· Sun Touch Floor Warming

· Watts-Radiant Floor Heating

· Warmly Yours In-Floor Heating System